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Our searchable map includes programs and resources across the United States. Our members support grieving children, teens, families and the communities they live in.

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19th Annual NAGC Symposium

June 18 to 20, 2015 in Portland, Oregon

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19 Aug, 2014

August 5th 2012, almost two years ago on a gray, windy day on the shore of Lake Michigan, my dad drowned saving two boys.  We were staying at a friend’s lakefront home, celebrating my younger brother’s Little League World Series’ victory when it happened.  In an instant, after he had rushed into the water -and rescued the boys, he was swept away by a rip current, and our lives changed forever.

What does it feel like to be only thirteen years old when your dad dies? When you’re hardly even a teenager, with two siblings even younger than yourself and a heartbroken mother?  When the road ahead has virtually disappeared?

24 Jun, 2014

What do fishbowls, therapy dogs, body language and 270 childhood bereavement support professionals and volunteers have in common? They all played a significant role in another successful NAGC Symposium!

08 May, 2014

Mother's Day. For many, this is a special day to celebrate their mom. Some might buy their mom flowers; others might make her breakfast in bed or take her to brunch. What about children and teens that have had a mom die? What about them? They are surrounded by images of Mother's Day at every turn.  Just about every store they go to has an advertisement about Mother's Day. There are also plenty of TV ads. When you're grieving the death of your mom, these reminders can be quite painful.  How can you help the grieving children and teens in your life on this Mother's Day?

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